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§1. Member area: The reserved area is not suitable for minors. The user submits the offer for the membership contract online. The contract is concluded with the payment and the subsequent sending of the login data.

§2. Obligations of the user
2.1 The user is obliged to truthfully fill in the personal data required for registration.

§2.2 The user undertakes to pay the agreed fee. If the user is in default of payment, can block the respective service. The block will be lifted immediately after the amount in arrears has been paid to The block does not release the user from his/her obligation to pay.

§2.3 The user commits him-/herself to proper behaviour when using his/her access to offers of or the use of the offers in general. In particular, he/she must ensure that minors are not allowed to see the offers of A violation of this obligation leads to the immediate blocking of access by

§2.4 The user has to keep his/her login only for personal use, and in such a way that no third party can gain access to this login. He/she shall ensure secrecy and proper use. A violation of this obligation is the responsibility of the user with all resulting disadvantages. The login can be used from different computers, but the user commits not to log in from several computers at the same time.

§2.5 The user declares that if he/she intentionally or unintentionally, knowingly or unknowingly enables third parties to use his/her access to offers of, he/she is fully responsible for all online activities of this person in the offer of The user acknowledges that, as the owner of his/her account, he/she is fully responsible for all activities carried out via this account, in particular for sales or purchases made or for contract extensions to other tariffs, or the ordering of additional chargeable offers from

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