order / purchase

  • 1. first step:   buy now  →
  • 2. create a new username and password in this payment form – 8 characters – numbers and letters
  • 3. you get a confirmation email
  • 4.  login| download  →
info: error message: “transactionId”:”xxxxxxxx-95e1-4cf3-b59b-69c2d6155xxx”,”correlationId”:”xxx445xxx-93fd-4926-b08e-b1d58113b5fxxx”,”error”:”there was an error with the request : Unreadable message.”
reason: That since you are useing the form from Europe (3DS verification system is now mandatory for EU consumers for fraud protection and for security), this error that you are seeing is caused on the bank’s side. During every EU purchase, you should be provided with the security code that will allow you to confirm the purchase, via email that you are using. At this point, we would recommend you to contact your bank to check if they have any problems on their side to verify the charge, and if there is anything that they can do from their end – alternativ: direct debit